IMAK Hannover Messe 2019'da

IMAK Hannover Messe 2019'da

As the previous years, I-MAK took part to the biggest industrial event in the world.

IMAK Reduktor

Identified as the largest industrial event in the world and a priority for I-MAK, the company returned to this year to exhibit in the 2019 Hannover Messe. I-Mak took advantage to display new innovative products and specially engineered solutions for key industries. Capturing the attention of visitors and partners who arrived at the booth were our largest IRK the IRKM 153 prominently showcased in the stand along with our special ADS Series for the roll form industry.

The centerpiece of our message at this year’s conference and exhibition was the official launch of the new Monobloc A Series. With more than 14 housing sizes and output torques ranging from 5,500 to 38,800 Nm this new gearbox is a major addition to our range of products which now tops 1,000,000 variations of its products, offering experienced and options to our customers.

We thank again all our visitors and partners who joined us during these exciting 5 days in Hannover, Germany.
We look forward to seeing you all next year to share in our next series of new products, innovations and surprises.
IMAK Reduktor IMAK Reduktor IMAK Reduktor IMAK Reduktor